Lighting is one of the easiest ways to transform your event space.  Integrating lighting can add to the ambiance and feeling of your space, while accentuating your event design details.  Also, lighting creates an ideal setting for photographers and videographers.

ZG Productions offers Dance Floor lighting LED uplighting and Custom monograms. ​Let us help bring your dream dream event to life with lighting.


To complete your Event Decor, consider Full Room Uplighting. Our LED uplights are wireless and you may match the color(s) of your lights to your decor. We can even add* sound-activated & custom effects that change color and “dance” to the music.  Strategically placed for optimum effect, uplighting can take any event from bland to grand!


Motivate your guests! Our Dance Floor Lighting features professional multi-colored & L.E.D.  lights which flash to the music in a variety of patterns, adding fun and excitement to your dance floor.

The right lighting (along with the perfect MC) will entice you and your guests to keep the party going! 


Our Monograms can be customizable or choose from  stock image we already have to fit your theme.  Your monogram can be projected on the wall or dance floor.

Lighting Q&A

LED up lights are wired or wireless lights that are usually placed on the floor and shine up on the wall and ceiling. They come in most any color you want or traditional warm white. They are a great way to enhance your reception space.

A small disc, a gobo, is placed into a specific light to create a monogram or pattern on your wall, ceiling or floor.  We have a wide variety of templates to choose from.

It depends on the power availability at your location.  We can always schedule a site visit to determine specific needs.